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Hi Peeps,

It is not enough for Starbucks to charge $5.00 for coffee, now they want you to spend at least $62.50 BEFORE they even give you a reward!

Starbucks Coffee rolled out their “New” rewards programme today which does not bode well for our frugal team members. The former reward programme allowed registered users of their smartphone APP or card to obtain a reward after 12 stars. In order to sweeten the pot, Starbucks would email opportunities for bonus stars for certain purchases. Users received a full year’s membership when they obtained 30 stars in a given year.

The “New” Starbucks Coffee programme states that users will only get a reward AFTER 125 stars. Users will earn 2 stars for every $1 spent. By our calculation, that is $62.50. The “Old” reward programme provided one star for ANY purchase made on the smartphone APP or card. A tall tea purchase of $1.53 would have the same star value as a $5.45 venti Mocha Frappuchino . The same tea would not be worth a full star, according to Starbucks’ “New” rewards rule. The “New” rewards programme favours those who spend MORE.

The only good news about the “New” rewards programme is that you can capitalize on an EXTRA membership year. Just make ANY purchase using your registered Starbucks’ APP or card BY MAY 2, 2016.


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