Gabrielle Bourne leads productivity advocacy. Here we share information relevant to women, including Finance, Business, Relationships and why we can never manage time.

We write about SMART women who are strong female leads and heroines in our story telling.  We also explore society constraints on happiness and living our full potential. We explore ways to tap into the human experience to achieve, thrive and become our better self. We achieve this in a social setting where conversations can flow naturally and where judgements and ego are left at the door.

Gabrielle Bourne’s background in entertainment (theatre, film, television) and as a “foodie,” attend with quite regularity, opening nights, premiers, screenings, festivals, galas and tributes. She promotes story telling in all formats.


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Twitter contact: T.E.A.M. @gabriellebourne. Follow and Direct Message (DM) your questions, suggestions and inquires.

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