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Hello Peeps!

We are very excited to launch this new BETA programme for women! For the next twelve (12) weeks, we have partnered with strategically SMART professionals from the USA and UK who will take “centre stage” as our Moderators and Mentors and; to lead a group of women to do amazing things in their life, their profession and their business.

“What S.M.A.R.T. Women Know” is a Programme specifically designed for women to achieve the extraordinary; create limitless possibilities and to implement strategies that will launch their vision, mission, dreams and game plan for life!

We know the “power” that exists in women. We are the nurturers, the gatherers and; the cheerleaders and supporters. We have an amazing ability to thrive, because we know what it takes to be the CEO of our household and our business.

For the next twelve (12) weeks, take a journey with us as as we unleash the “power within” to do just about anything we put our minds and hearts to accomplishing. Our Moderators and Mentors are your guides for a fulfilling life of possibilities, opportunities and accomplishments.

“What S.M.A.R.T. Women Know” is an altruistic programme developed by the T.E.A.M.@gabriellebourne to support women through their life stages. Women are great supporters of each other. In addition to our regular meet up venues, we promote a healthy dose of life with afternoon tea, spa and; day trip excursions.

Registration for this programme is closed.

Disclaimer: “What SMART Women Know” is is a sponsored, tuition-free programme, specifically designed for direct community impact.

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